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News from the European Patent Office
  1. EPO President António Campinos and Commissioner Shen Changyu sign new CPC MoU and 2023 annual work plan
  2. More than 1 000 participants attend high-level conference in Brussels.
  3. A second pilot phase has started that will deliver major new features in the coming seven months.
  4. The practice developed over the course of a 32 month pilot will become the norm
  5. The exchange of patent-related data will be an important element in establishing the Unified Patent Court’s user-friendly case management system.
  6. Final report on pilot project for oral proceedings in opposition by videoconference shows user satisfaction at highest levels yet
  7. Supporting the early uptake of the Unitary Patent
  8. The first ever joint assessment at this year’s Stakeholder Quality Assurance Panels constitutes an important step towards developing a common understanding of patent quality.
  9. New EPO study shows a persistent gap in the rate of women inventors in Europe
  10. The Unitary Patent system: A game-changer for innovation in Europe