Code of professional conduct

Rule 1

Each Member is required to abide by this Code notwithstanding personal or other interests or instructions.

Rule 2

Each Member shall conduct his professional activities with honesty, fairness and courtesy.

Rule 3

Each Member is responsible for the observation of this Code in his office.

Rule 4

Each Member is to provide professionally competent service as an independent counsellor in an unbiased manner without regard to his personal feelings or interests.

In addition to the Statutes and Rules of the Federation the general principles of professional conduct of Members of the Federation are laid down in this Code.

Rule 5

Each Member is bound not to disclose information received in confidence in the exercise of his professional activities unless he is released from this obligation.

Rule 6

Each Member shall endeavour to maintain himself free of representing conflicting interests. Each Member, however, shall ensure that an order is performed so far as is necessary to avoid possible damage.

Rule 7

Good fellowship should be exercised among Members.

Rule 8

Professional competition should be fair. In soliciting orders and in other forms of promotion Members shall refrain from using statements about their services which are misleading or laudatory or involve criticism of professional colleagues or their services.

Rule 8bis

Advertising by Members is generally allowable, but should be fair, true and moderate and give an accurate impression. Advertising should not include any matter adversely affecting the standing and the dignity of the profession of Intellectual Property Attorneys and should be restricted to information about a Member's services.

All publicity involving a financial contribution by the Member must be regarded as advertising. If advertising is not clearly recognisable as such, the fact that it is advertising must be specifically indicated.

Rule 9

Each Member is responsible for prompt payment of his financial obligations, especially to foreign correspondents. It is incompatible with this Code to delay payments to foreign correspondents because of delays in payments by clients.

Rule 10

No Member shall give or receive a commission for the introduction of professional business, except in transactions relating to the purchase or sale in whole or in part of a professional practice.

Rule 11

The organising by members or their businesses of business-related receptions or similar functions during official meetings of the Federation is contrary to the tradition and spirit of the Federation and is not permitted by the Federation.


This Code, called: "LUGANO CODE", was adopted unanimously by the Executive Committee during its meeting held at Bissonne from 27 April to 1 May 1981 and amended on 8 September 1997 in Copenhagen, on 19 October 1998 in Florence, on 15 April 2008 in Sydney, on 15 March 2011 in Cape Town, and on 8 November 2011 in Rome.


The President Peter Huntsman
The Secretary General Julian Crump
The President of the Statutes Commission David Bannerman